UCSC DNS & DHCP Service Requests


Please use this link to access the SlugHub ticket system to request a new DNS (CNAME), IP, or DHCP service:

Local Information Technology Specialists and other technical support staff can request new DNS names, add an IPv6 address to an existing name, move a named host to another subnet address, create an alias to an existing name, change a name, and return names and addresses when they are no longer needed. New hosts that will use an old name and address need to have the physical network address or "MAC address" of the new computer associated with the old name and address.

This service is for the academic network only. See below for information regarding the residential network, ResNet. All ucsc.edu names are owned by the University. The UCSC Communications & Marketing has final responsibility and authority to reassign names or to block the use of a name that is objectionable.

If you have a question about the service, wish to reach Network Operations staff, or have a request that does not fit a form in the list below, then send an email to ipreq@ucsc.edu with your situation.

Computers on resnet are given DHCP addresses with a renewable lease. Your computer will automatically renew its address lease unless you don't use it. Moving your computer to a different college will cause an early switch of addresses to match your new location. Residential computers cannot register for distinctive names at this time. Computers that cannot use dynamic addresses via DHCP are not compatible with the resnet services offering.

Specific requirements for recursive DNS