Cable Plant Management

The Network Operations Cable Plant Management is responsible for the UCSC communication-cabling infrastructure and to provide the campus with a robust and healthy cable plant. This task is accomplished by conducting the initial review and approval of the communication cabling plans for new buildings and remodels to assure all established cabling standards are in compliance with Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI); quality assurance by monitoring the progress of engineering and construction projects; acting as Networking and Telecommunication Services' representative to contractors and architects; cable trouble analyzing and repair coordination; final inspection and acceptance testing of installed copper and fiber systems; analysis testing of any copper or fiber needed for special projects; and acting as liaison for the customer, and project manager, on small cable projects.

Network Operations Cable Plant Management also provides basic floor plans to customers, contractors and technicians for project design. Initialize CAD drawing for any cable closet upgrade or changes. Maintain copper and fiber cabling diagrams. Provide contractors with jack and cable numbers for all new construction. Initial database import of new horizontal, riser or backbone cabling as it pertains to new construction. Provide campus units reports analyzing the cabling and jack infrastructure from the Pinnacle database for budgeting or unit relocation needs.


The 16700 form details specifications for copper systems and fiber optic systems, communications pathways (conduit, cable tray) cable closets and building entrances.