Family Student Housing Internet Upgrade

March 29, 2021

A plan to bring high speed internet to Family Student Housing (FSH) has been identified and will be funded through the CARES Act. The upgrade will bring the quality of the internet service at FSH up to the same level as the campus’s residential network internet service. It will be faster, more reliable and more secure.

Current Progress - March 29, 2021

ITS has rolled out a new high-speed internet access to Family Student Housing (FSH). As of March 29, 52 apartments out of 199 in FSH went live on a network called FSH-Family. ITS will be rolling out the service to the remaining apartments over the next six weeks. Residents will be notified the week before their scheduled upgrade to confirm the time.

New WiFi Services for FSH

As soon as a FSH apartment has been upgraded, residences will have access to high-speed internet. ITS technicians will closely monitor the services for 24-48 hours after each installation to ensure the service is operating optimally.

The high-speed internet will offer two options for use:

  • ResWifi: For all UCSC employees and students living in FSH with an active UCSC Account and Blue password. How to Use ResWiFi
  • FSH-Family: For family members living in FSH or guests visiting FSH that do not have a UCSC account. How to Use FSH-Family

Who to Contact with Questions

Dave Keller and Elissa Sato from CHES are the primary points of contact for FSH residents to get additional information. Dave and/or Elissa will be sending communications to residents in advance for when access is needed to specific residential units for installation of the access points. 

If you have connectivity issues, you may submit a SlugHub ticket at or contact the ITS Support Center by email at or call 831-459-4357.