UCSC Wireless Telephone Services

Corporate (Business) Wireless Telephone Services

Through the State of California WSCA contracts, UCSC offers staff and faculty great rates and variety of cellular services for business use. One important detail about the WSCA agreement is that faculty and staff do not have to sign long term contracts, and services changes are usually made without charge. Please discourage staff and faculty from going downtown to purchase cell service. They will pay more and will be required to agree to a multi year contract. 

Get Help for University Owned Devices

University Owned Mobile Device Support

Personal Wireless Telephone Services

ITS continues to work with a variety of wireless telephone providers to bring the campus the best connection in wireless technology. Micro cellular antennas are installed at numerous locations on campus, providing continuous campus coverage for T Mobile, AT&T Wireless, Sprint/Nextel, Metro PCS and Verizon cell phones.

The range of options and services is a personal choice. Make sure to ask the cell service provider if they offer a UCSC discount on phones and services.

Wireless Telephone Repair

UCSC faculty, staff, and students are responsible for the purchase, care and maintenance of their personal wireless telephones and equipment. ITS will not repair or troubleshoot personal wireless telephone equipment problems.

ITS does not endorse one particular wireless provider or their products.