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Microsoft Immersive Reader

Microsoft Immersive Reader is a feature built into several Microsoft products such as the Edge browser and MS Word and helps people read the text more easily. The tool allows users to customize the color scheme, font size, text spacing, the number of lines displayed, and reads text aloud without activating an external screen reader. These features help people with dyslexia, low vision, visual processing disorders, and other print disabilities.

Getting Started

Using Microsoft Immersive Reader with Microsoft products (video)


Canvas Integration 

Microsoft Immersive Reader is integrated into Canvas pages to make courses more accessible for students.

Review the Immersive Reader step by step guide and follow along with this short Immersive Reader with Canvas screencast

Getting Started Guides with Immersive Reader in Canvas

Instructor Guide for viewing pages with Immersive Reader

Student Guide for viewing pages with Immersive Reader



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