Video Accessibility Resources

Videos must be produced and delivered in ways that ensure that all members of the audience can access their content. A truly accessible video includes captions, a transcript, and an audio description.  It also must be delivered via an accessible media player. This part of the process of creating a video and should be included in you initial budget plan.  

Here is a list of definitions and possible campus resources:


Captioning is a text verion of the audio synchronized with the video content. Captions are essential to ensuring your video is accessible to anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing.  

The Disability Resource Center will work with the Faculty Instructional Technology Center to provide this service for student who need it.

Live Caption and Description

Live captioning is simulcast text of the content transmitted over the internet.

The Disability Resource Center will work with the Learning Technologies Classroom Support group to provide this service. 


A transcript is a separate document as a text version of the media content.

The Disability Resource Center generally provides transcripts to student who need them.

Audio Descriptions

Audio description is required when important information is visually shown on the screen that cannot be observed by a blind or vision-impaired individual.


Link to Disability Resource Center.

Link to Learning Technologies Classroom Support.

Link to Faculity Instructional Technology Center.