Explanation of Classroom Equipment Terms

Data Projector: Projector used to display images from a computer. Can also display images from a DVD or videocassette player. Some people refer to these as "overhead projectors" because they are often mounted "overhead" on the ceiling but that can be confused with an "overhead transparency projector" used to project images printed on transparent plastic sheets. Occasionally they may be referred to as "slide projectors" because PowerPoint and other presentation programs use virtual "slides" to organize their content but that terminology can be confused with slide projectors which project 35mm film slides.

Document Camera: A document camera can be connected to any data projector and used to display any paper document, book, magazine, transparency or three dimensional object. It is sometimes referred to as a "Visualizer", "visual presenter", "digital overhead" or "docucam". 

HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface): A connector used to connect computers or other media to high definition displays. The majority of media systems in UCSC classrooms do not have this type of connector yet but they are being added where possible since many laptop computers now have only that type of connector.

Legacy Equipment: Media equipment that is not currently supported in the classrooms. Many types of legacy devices are available upon request. They include: 35mm slide projectors, large format slide projectors, laserdisc players, record players, audiocassette players and 16mm film projectors.

Overhead Transparency Projector: Projector used to display material printed on transparent plastic sheets or written directly on transparent plastic. Sometimes referred to as a "foil" or "viewfoil" projector,.

Film Projector: Projector used to display motion pictures printed on film. Most common size in schools is 16mm film. Most common size in movie theaters is 35mm. 

Slide Projector: Projector used to display still images printed on film. Most common slide film size is 35mm but they are also available in a variety of sizes including 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" and 3 3/4" x 4 1/4". 

Lecture Capture: In general assignment classrooms at UCSC, instructors can elect to have their classes automatically recorded and the recordings posted to the web. Any image displayed through the classroom data projector can be recorded, along with an optional front-facing classroom camera feed. The audio from the instructor's microphone is also recorded.