Media Instructional Support Policy

Location & Contact

Phone: (831) 459-2117
149 Kerr Hall
Campus Mailstop: Learning Technologies Kerr Hall

General Instructional Support Policy

General Statement

The Classroom Services and Special Events Unit provides media services for the support of academic courses and special events using media on or off campus. A course is defined as being listed in the schedule of classes, having a class number, meeting at the time and general assignment location listed and having mandatory attendance of students. A special event is defined as any event that is not an academic course and does not require student attendance.

Questions concerning academic usage? Call 831-459-2117.

UCSC Identification with a current quarter validation sticker is required to check out any equipment from the Media Check-Out Facility by faculty, staff or students. 

Reservations for equipment are strongly encouraged. All equipment is available on a first come, first served basis and can be borrowed for three working days. Equipment may be reserved by calling x9-2117.

Checkout equipment not returned on the agreed-upon due date will be assessed a $10.00 late fee for each day the equipment is late.

A loss of checkout privileges for the current quarter will result from two incidents of returning checkout items after the agreed-upon due date during the quarter.

Borrowers are responsible for damages and replacement costs at current market value.

Academic Support (Free Use of Services)

• Both check out equipment and classroom-installed equipment are provided for courses during the academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring Quarters, and for fourth quarter Summer Courses).

• Students may use media equipment from the Media Check Out Facility for course projects when authorized in writing by the instructor.

• Instructors and students may use permanently installed classroom media equipment as part of course work and academic instruction.

• Students and faculty with special media needs arising from disabilities will be accommodated for courses during the academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring Quarters,

and the fourth quarter Summer courses).

Academic Support (Fee for Service)

• Course requests for equipment delivery and staffing require two working days notice.

A standard fee will be charged for Delivery, Set up and Removal of equipment to and from any classroom on campus.

• Academic Courses requiring staff support on will be charged for all necessary labor on an hourly basis.

Special Event Support (Fee for Service)

• Special Event requests for equipment delivery and/or staffing require seven calendar days notice. (IMPORTANT: See below for information regarding assessments for Post-Delivery Cancellation and Post-Delivery Equipment requests.)

• There is always a fee for services for special event equipment unless Media Services hosts the event.

• A fee is charged for equipment use and staff time for special events and non-course instruction, including public ceremonies, student and staff activities.

• A standard fee is charged for Delivery, Set up and Removal of equipment to and from on-campus locations. Delivery, Set up and Removal of equipment to and from off-campus locations will be charged for travel time on an hourly, per-person basis (off campus is defined as beyond the UCSC campus boundary).

• Special event activities may also use permanently installed classroom media equipment, but must be charged for hourly or daily use.

• SOAR (Student Organization Advising and Resources) clients need a pre-approved signed Media Services form from a SOAR advisor to use any media service.

Post-Delivery Cancellation

Failure to notify Media Services of intent to cancel a delivery and/or specific reserved equipment, one hour prior to their scheduled arrival time, will result in charges for Delivery/Set-up/Strike and all reserved equipment.

Post-Delivery Equipment Requests

Post Delivery equipment requests will result in charges for:

• All equipment deemed necessary by Media Services to fulfill the request(s).

• Delivery/Set-up/Strike for any items requiring additional transport.

NOTE: Because all equipment is available on a first come, first served basis, Media Services makes no guarantee that any additionally requested items will be available on


Additional Services (Fee for Service)

Scantron test scoring service for academic placement exams, mid-quarter evaluations, midterms and finals will be completed in two working days.

Video production, both professional staff and student staff camcorder shoots, off air recording, tape transfers, and duplication services. Production activities require two working days notice and are subject to current workload.

Materials (e.g. film, videotape, audiotape, and batteries) associated with special events, course instruction, non-course instruction, and production.

Teleconference, Videoconference, UCSC TV (cable casting) and Video Streaming activities require five working days notice and are subject to current workload.

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