Classroom Media

Location & Contact

Phone: (831) 459-2117
149 Kerr Hall
Campus Mailstop: Learning Technologies Kerr Hall

ITS ticket system:

Online Classroom Media Code Request Form

Office Hours:

9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm

Select a classroom to view installed media information:

Features common to all general assignment classrooms:

  • Data projection
  • Laptop audio and video input
  • 1 wired network connection
  • DVD player
  • Videocassette player
  • Document camera

Slide projectors and other legacy equipment can be placed in most classrooms for the quarter upon request. 

Please report any classroom equipment problems as soon as possible.

To report a problem, Go to , open a support ticket search on the keyword "classrooms" and select the “classrooms(General Assignment)” category orcall the phone number posted on the classroom lectern or media cabinet. For all other requests, open a ticket or call 459-2117. 

Classroom media access codes are emailed to all listed instructors 6 weeks before the start of classes with updates sent between then and the beginning of the quarter. The system is not able to send emails for courses where the instructor is listed as “staff”. If you have not received your code by two days before the start of the quarter, please contact Learning Technologies or use the online Classroom Media Code Request Form

Some rooms have automated recording systems. Click here to have your course recorded (for instructors only). The dropdown menu on the request form page shows which rooms currently have recording systems:

Not all classrooms have wireless networking. This will improve over the next few years as campus cabling is upgraded. Even when wireless networking is available, using the wired connection for presentations is recommended as it is usually more reliable and faster. 

Please note that the wireless network was designed to cover common areas so any coverage of classrooms is incidental, is not a listed feature of the classrooms and may not be strong enough to use for essential teaching tasks. 


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