Group Management

All active employees, faculty, and students can create and manage their own groups within CruzID Manager. Group membership propagates to the Campus Groups tool and Campus LDAPand can be used to control access to campus systems, including what software, directories, and files people can access on a server.

  • Any active employee, faculty, or student can be added as a member of a group
  • Group names must start with a letter, may contain only letters, numbers, or hyphens and must be between 3 and 16 characters long
  • Once the name and description are entered, Create Group must be clicked before the page will allow members and managers to be added
  • Group members can be added, removed, or replaced individually or in bulk
  • Large changes (>500) in group membership should not be made during business hours (Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM)

To create and manage groups in CruzID Manager, navigate to Advanced > Group Management.