Guest Accounts

All Employees and Faculty can create guest accounts through CruzID Manager’s Advanced menu. Guest accounts are primarily created for the purpose of allowing a person not affiliated with UC Santa Cruz, such as a visiting presenter, to have access to the secured wireless service eduroam, or other local services like campus computational cluster.

Guests are limited to having a blue and gold password and don’t have access to campus email or Google Apps. Guests are granted CruzID Blue, CruzID Gold, POSIX,Kerberos, and Active Directory resources for authentication purposes only. These resources may grant permissions to some campus systems as defined by those systems’ administrators.

Guest account CruzIDs start with “g-” and can be between 5 and 15 characters long including the g-. They may contain letters, digits, dashes (-) and underscores (_).

When creating a guest account an expiration date no more than 365 days in the future is required. Guest account expiration can be extended by the account sponsor as needed.

To create and manage guest accounts in CruzID Manager, navigate to Advanced > Guest Account Management.

Guest Account Sponsor Responsibilities

  • Assuring UCSC policies and procedures are followed by their guest
  • Inactivating guest user access if the account is no longer needed (prior to expiration)
  • Sending password reset email when needed
  • Updating the guest user’s name and email address