MFA in the Classroom

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MFA helps keep student data—like grades, assignments, and contact information—more secure. It also helps students protect their financial aid from theft.

If your students use applications in class such as Canvas or other systems that use the Gold password, they may also need to use a device (like their mobile phone or token) to access those systems. Alternatively, students can obtain and register a hardware token that is used only to generate passcodes, or pre-generate tokens that can be saved separately for reference on their primary device or printed. More information is available about how to add and manage devices.

To help set expectations for your students and to avoid potential misunderstandings, please consider including the following text, or a customized version of it, in your syllabi.

Sample Syllabus Language

You may wish to include the following advisory in your syllabi:

MFA is required for signing in to most University applications.  It is your responsibility to come prepared to sign in to applications necessary for class activities, including exams and quizzes. If you are unable to sign in, you may lose points for the class activity. Failure to bring your MFA device or a backup is not an excused absence or a valid reason for make up work.

YOU ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to set up backup devices in MFA so that you are prepared in the event that your primary MFA device is unavailable (you forgot it, it was stolen, it’s broken, the battery is dead, etc.). Learn about backup devices

Limiting Use of Devices in Class

If you are concerned about students accessing other mobile devices inappropriately, consider also including language such as this:

Mobile devices may be used only to verify your identity when logging in. After you have successfully logged in, put your mobile device away for the duration of the class period.

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