Campus Network

ITS provides wired network access to UCSC faculty, students, staff and guests. Network connections can vary from 10/100/1000 megabit/sec depending on building infrastructure and availability of a high speed internet network.

Network Services


Network Service for Students Residences

ResNet is a partnership between Information Technology Services (ITS) and Colleges and University Housing Services (CUHS) to provide high speed network connections in the residence halls and apartments on campus. More information.

Domain Name Services (DNS)

All names are owned by the university. The Public Information Office has final responsibility and authority to reassign domain names or to block the use of a domain name that is objectionable. More information.

Cable Plant Management Services

ITS provides basic floor plans to customers, contractors and technicians for project design. Initialize CAD drawing for any cable closet upgrade or changes. Maintain copper and fiber cabling diagrams. Provide contractors with jack and cable numbers for all new construction. More information.

Small Cabling Projects

A small wire project is a project that costs less than $20,000. The scope of work varies from the in-building installation of CAT 5e station outlets to the installation of backbone copper and fiber optic cables. More information.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Dynamically assigned IP addresses are available on all campus subnets. More information.

Get Help

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