Small Cabling Projects

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  • A small wire project is a project that costs less than $20,000. The scope of work varies from the in-building installation of CAT 5e station outlets to the installation of backbone copper and fiber optic cables.
  • A small wire project shall not include inter-building underground cabling without the consent of UCSC Physical Planning and Construction and may be subject to their project management.
  • A small wire project shall not include any high voltage electrical outlets, under or above ground conduits or surface raceways without the consent of Physical Planning and Construction and may be subject to their project management.
  • A small wire project is generated through the campus recharge system and is considered a service of Information Technology Services (ITS)/Network and Telecommunications Services (NTS)/Network Services to the UCSC campus community.

Implementation, Performance and Completion Process & Requirements

  • A small wire project is generated from a UCSC customer request for new service where wiring is nonexistent or deemed inadequate. The request is written on a standard campus recharge form with an attached floor plan or sketch then submitted to the Network Services Coordinator. The Coordinator opens a work order and assigns it to the small wire Leader.
  • The small wire project is designed and managed by the Network Services Small Wire Project Leader. The Leader does a site inspection and submits a design for pricing to one of the blanket contractors. The Leader uses UCSC qualified wiring contractors who have been issued a blanket purchase order to perform small wire projects.
  • The blanket contractor shall provide a quotation pertaining to the small wiring project within 5 business days. Quotes shall be good for 30 days. After such time a verbal agreement shall be reached rendering a more than 30 day quote as being good. Quotes shall contain separate line item pricing of Labor and Material with a Total amount indicated.
  • If the Small Wire Project Leader estimates the project to exceed $4000.00 then the Leader shall solicit the other blanket contractors for competitive pricing. The Leader shall solicit additional quotes if the first is significantly higher than the Leader estimated.
  • The Leader reviews the project costs and negotiates appropriate changes, before submitting the approved quote to the Coordinator.
  • The Coordinator then prepares a separate quote for the requesting campus customer. The quote breaks out the contractor price plus an overhead mark up, appropriate network service installation charges and yearly maintenance fees. The Coordinator mails the quote to the customer for approval.
  • After receiving the quote the customer may allocate adequate funding and approve the quote. If the customer decides not to fund the defined project then the quote shall be terminated. Quotes are valid for 30 days.
  • If the customer approves the quotation then the Coordinator faxes an approval sheet to the contractor who contacts the Leader for scheduling.
  • After receiving the approval, the contractor shall dispatch a work crew within 10 business days to perform the work.
  • When the work crew arrives on site they shall first proceed to the master key check out area checking out keys as to gain access to the communications closets in the building they may be working. Presently the master keys are checked out from the Communications Center Dispatch located in the basement of the Communications Building.
  • The contractor shall perform the work in accordance to UCSC Communications Standards as defined in the 16700 specification.
  • At completion of work the blanket contractor shall provide a hard copy of test results and as-built drawing. The drawing shall indicate the assigned jack numbers and cable path used.
  • The Leader shall inspect the contractor's work for adherence to UCSC standards of performance. If performance is satisfactory then the Leader approves payment once an invoice is received.

Invoicing Requirements

  • Upon acceptance of work, the contractor shall submit an invoice as specified on their blanket purchase order.
  • Invoices shall be addressed to UC Santa Cruz/ITS c/o Business Services UC Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street Santa Cruz CA. 95064.
  • Invoices shall reference the purchase order number, small wire project title, labor, material costs and associated taxes.

Blanket Contractor Qualifications

  • UCSC ITS accepts bids for small wire project blanket contractors for a 2 month period starting the first week of each December and ending the last week of each January. Bid information is submitted to UC Santa Cruz/ITS c/o Neil Goldstein 1156 High St. Santa Cruz, CA 95064. Purchase Orders are processed through ITS Business Services and issued by April 1 to selected contractors.
  • The blanket contractor shall be reputable in the industry or with UC Santa Cruz. The reputable contractor shall have at least 3 years of network cabling installation experience having successfully performed at least 3 projects consisting of multiple copper and fiber distribution cables and 500 or more CAT 5e stations. The reputable contractor must be able to provide service within a reasonable time frame. The reputable contractor shall provide the Small Wire Project Leader with references in regards to such projects.
  • The blanket contractor shall submit proof of business certificate, contractor certificate and insurance liability certificates in accordance with UC Santa Cruz Purchasing Unit requirements. Request attachments "A" and "B".
  • The contractor shall pay prevailing wages in accordance with the Davis Bacon act.
  • The contractor shall support the latest UCSC adopted wiring standard, previous adopted UCSC wiring standards and modern industry wiring standards. See attached < >16700 specification
  • The blanket contractor shall provide personnel in uniform displaying the company name unless otherwise easily identified by displaying proper company identification badge.
  • Prior to being accepted as a blanket contractor, the contractor shall submit company labor rates and pricing for most material used by UCSC in the installation of small wire projects. Return attachment "C" with pricing information.
  • The contractor shall agree to adhere to the contractor specifications and their definition of the small wire project process. Return attachment "D"

Contractor Pricing Information (attachment C)

Contractor Terms and Conditions Agreement (attachment D)

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