Physical Security Features & Functions

Door Access Systems

Wireless Omnilocks

Wirelessly networked, battery operated card access system (Omnilocks) are used as brass key replacements for units with facilities that need to provide access to groups that may change by quarter or have unattended locking schedules. Examples of use include computer labs, graduate spaces, studios. Users present their campus photo ID proximity card and enter a 6 digit PIN to unlock the door.

Omnilocks are not a security system. Rather, they are a locking mechanism that reduces the need to issue and manage brass keys.

Local staffing (facilities security coordinator) is required to provide data entry, tier 1 troubleshooting and ongoing support for the individuals who need to be granted access into an Omnilock controlled door.

Depending on the size of the user base, units may choose to manage their Omnilocks data entry or submit an IT ticket for assistance. Units will need to have the campus lockshop perform routine battery maintenance via Physical Plant work order.

CCURE is a security system that utilizes networked card readers with real-time reporting and local alarms. Campus photo ID proximity cards are used in conjunction with PIN’s to unlock doors. Local alarms are routed to campus Police. Facilities with CCURE on perimeter doors can be remotely controlled in the case of an emergency.

Security Camera Systems

We support the Genetec video management system. CCTV cameras are recorded and held for 90 days.

Requests for Data

Requests for door access data will need to follow the Access Without Consent (AWOC) process. Fill out the AWOC form and submit an email to which will create a ticket.

Managing a Facility

Units who install Wireless Omnilocks or CCURE assume roles and responsibilities necessary to manage their facilities. The Physical Security Systems (PSS) team provides assistance based upon IT tickets and requests for service.

Systems Management

ITS provides application and system administration services in the campus data center that supports the enterprise systems. Physical Security Systems staff oversee the application, roles and permissions granted to individuals who fulfill the role of facilities security coordinators.

The Omnilock system includes the locking mechanism, the portal gateway (a special wireless access point), campus networking and the “back end” system called Wireless Access Management System (WAMS). FSC’s may have “client” software on a computer that allows access via VPN to control the Omnilocks in their facilities.

The CCURE system includes electrified doors, the locking mechanisms, card readers, request to exit devices, an iStar controller, campus networking and the back end system called CCURE. FSC’s may have client software on a computer that allows access via VPN to control the CCURE doors in their facilities.

The security camera system includes cameras, campus networking and the “back end” system called Genetec.

Systems Maintenance

The Physical Security Systems team provides ongoing support and maintenance of the back end systems in the campus data center. Regular updates, upgrades and patches are applied to the servers that support physical security systems.

Divisions and units have responsibilities for having routine maintenance and repairs made to installed equipment. The Physical Security Systems team can assist and liaise with vendors who may perform repairs.

System Training and Documentation

We provide system training for designated staff (CRE, RA, CSO or FSC) on the proper use and maintenance of the electronic door access system. Training is provided by the Physical Security Systems team.