Physical Security Standards and Governance

ITS in collaboration with University Police and the Physical Security and Safety Advisory Committee (PSSAC) have developed a number of campus standard guidelines and practices used to support and deliver predictable services to diverse facilities.

ITS provides systems services including consultation, hardware and software selection, programming and subject matter expertise. The PSS team provides recommendations to the PSSAC and University Police based on experience and service delivery.

The PSSAC is advisory to the Committee on Planning and Stewardship specific to the Physical Security and Safety program.

Examples of governance topics include hardware and software selection, consolidation of systems, multi factor authentication, operations at new facilities, audit findings, capital projects, key and door access policies and procedures, and general campus safety.

Standard Systems

The PSS team has standardized on two door access systems; CCURE and wireless Omnilocks.

The PSS team has standardized on one security camera system from Genetec. We do have several models of Sony cameras.

Physical Security by Facility Type

Guidelines document used for planning new and remodeled facilities.

Card and PIN

Per adoption by the campus Physical Security Advisory Committee, the PSS team implements a two factor approach on electronic door access. This requires both a proximity card and a 6 digit PIN. Together, these two factors of access control will allow users to gain access to doors they have permission to enter.

Naming Conventions

The PSS team uses standard naming conventions within the systems to refer to buildings, doors and locations.

CCURE Local Alarms

Points of contacts