Staffing Requirements & Standards

Staffing Support Model

Physical security systems work most efficiently with staffing support from the local unit. We refer to this functional role as a facilities security coordinator (FSC). FSC’s may hold other working titles such as Residential Assistant (RA), Coordinator for Residential Education (CRE’s) or community safety officer (CSO).

Typical work involves data entry, granting or deleting access, basic troubleshooting, responding to local alarms, creating IT tickets, working with PSS team and vendors on repairs, maintenance and training. Workload depends on a number of factors, but we can help develop estimates based on similar facilities.

FSC’s need a computer that is outfitted with Windows, client software, VPN and accounts that allow for connections to the campus data center. The PSS team helps to provide support for the Omnilock and CCURE software. FSC may be required to add or remove card users, add or remove clearances specific to individual card users, to maintain lock and unlock schedules within either system and to be the first point of contact for end users pertaining to any problems impacting end users.