Technologies for Students Learning Remotely

Below are useful resources to help students learn and study remotely. For additional student resources, visit KEEP LEARNING

Virtual Technology Support

You can reach technicians for virtual technical support M-F, 8AM to 5PM:

  • Online:
  • Email:
  • Phone: (831) 459-HELP (4357)

Virtual Tools – Zoom, Chat, Canvas, DocuSign

Video Conferencing

Online Chat 

Learning Management


If you have a document that requires a signature, DocuSign is the service used by UCSC and is available to students, staff, and faculty. 

Loaner Laptop Program

For graduate and undergraduate students who do not have a functioning laptop and/or are struggling with poor or no internet, please visit the UCSC Slug Tech program to learn more.

Printing, Textbooks, Library & Class Materials

Instructional Computer Labs and Stations

  • Instructional computer labs and computing stations are closed through spring quarter.

Library Services

Outdoor WiFi Areas on Campus

Outdoor wireless service is provided at these main locations at UCSC:

  • Quarry Amphitheatre
  • Coastal Sciences Campus Seymour Center
  • Theatre Arts
  • Music Center
  • Elena Baskin Buildings
  • Engineering Plaza
  • Camper Park (outside of campers/trailers)
  • Science Hill Plaza

Additionally - Varying degrees of Outdoor WiFi coverage may be found at:

  • Outdoor Common areas (libraries, commons) of the following colleges:
    • Stevenson
    • Crown
    • Merrill
    • Oakes
    • Rachel Carson

Connecting to the UCSC Network

The UCSC Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a secure connection to the campus network when you are studying/learning elsewhere.

  • Not Required: When studying/learning from a secure network, such as your home Internet connection with password protected wireless. 
  • Highly Recommended: When you are on an unsecured wireless network (e.g., coffee shops, airports). Never work with private, sensitive, or financial information while on unsecured WiFi. 
  • Required: For accessing all Library eResources (eBooks, online journals, Library databases). May be required for some sensitive campus services (private, sensitive, or financial information).

At-home Internet Options

Here are a few options if you need to establish network connectivity from off campus. Please contact the companies directly to arrange for services and make sure to ask for student discounts!

Software Resources for Students

Software for a Personal Computer

If you are using a personal computer to perform your university class work, here are instructions on how to obtain software for your personal device:

Access Campus Email

Practice Safe Computing

One of our goals is to enable you to work as securely as possible from home. Check out these helpful tips

Be Aware of Phishing Scams

Please be aware that scams and phishing emails are targeting people's growing fears of the coronavirus in order to steal their usernames, passwords, credit cards and other sensitive information.