SensusAccess Terms of Use

This service is hosted by an external vendor, SensusAccess. Any information you submit will be processed by SensusAccess. Please review these Terms of Use prior to submitting any material to SensusAcess. Your use of SensusAccess services constitutes your acceptance of these terms.

This service is provided only for your personal, non-commercial instructional, and educational use, and any other use is prohibited. Distribution of the files you receive from SensusAccess is prohibited.

SensusAccess processes information sent to them by you, the end-user, converts it to a different format and returns it to you as an email attachment. You must have and use a valid email address to use the SensusAccess services. SensusAccess states that it does not retain any information once processed. However, as with all email and web applications, some risk does still exist that information sent by an end-user will be inadvertently disclosed. Therefore, do not use this service for sensitive or private information. Neither the University nor SensusAccess is responsible for any information you submit that is disclosed and/or subsequently misused. You will be solely responsible for and will indemnify the University from and against, all claims and legal and financial consequences if you send sensitive or confidential information, either intentionally or unintentionally, to SensusAccess for processing. SensusAccess endeavors to provide accurate conversion results, but neither University nor SensusAccess can guarantee such results.

Please be aware that use of SensusAccess for processing copyrighted materials, other than for the purposes described above, may constitute copyright infringement. You are solely responsible for and will indemnify University from and against, any claims in connection with your misuse of this service.