Support and Frequently Asked Questions

UCSC's Wēpa printing kiosks are monitored and have staff to replace paper and toner cartridges.

If you have questions about our service, please browse the Frequently Asked Questions below, or the  Wēpa User Guide. For further support you can contact Wēpa by telephone at 1-800-675-7639 or email or by  Live Chat

About UCSC Printing and Wepa

  • What is UCSC Printing and Wepa?
    • UCSC has partnered with  to provide printing services in UCSC's computer labs and libraries. Wēpa provides wireless, cloud-based printing services to universities across the country. Wēpa is available to all UCSC Students, Faculty, Staff and Guests.
  • What is a Wepa account?
    • allows you to send files to the cloud, view your current print jobs, and deposit funds for printing. Wēpa accounts have been created for all UCSC students, faculty, and staff. Your Wēpa username is your CruzID login( and Gold password. Guests can create their own Wēpa account and print from any kiosk located on UCSC's campus. 

Paying for Prints

  • My UCSC ID card does not work when I swipe it at the kiosk, what should I do?
    • Log in to the kiosk manually with your CruzID login( to verify your print job uploaded successfully.
    • Contact the ITS Help Desk by clicking on get help to verify that your UCSC CruzID account is active.
  • I am a UCSC Guest, can I use UCSC Printing?
    • Yes, if you are a UCSC guest and do not have a UCSC CruzID account, you have two printing options:
      • You can print directly from your USB device, UCSC workstation, or personal device and pay with your credit/debit card. Please note, there is a $0.40 transaction fee per print job when using credit/debit.
      • You can register for a  , and deposit funds to your Wēpa account with your credit/debit card online or from the Wēpa mobile app.

Print Options

  • What is wepa-Mono or wepa-Mono Duplex?
    • If you are using a Mac, Wēpa-Mono will print black and white single-sided prints and wepa-Mono Duplex will print black and white double-sided prints.
  • Can I select specific pages to print?
    • Yes, you can print all pages in your document or specify what pages to print.
  • What paper sizes are available?
    • UCSC's Wēpa printing kiosks print on letter size paper (8.5”x11”). Please format your documents in this size before printing. For printing on special paper such or in other size format, please visit UCSC's  for more information or contact their office at  831-459-3888

Printing Your Documents

  • How do I access my print job from the UCSC Printing kiosk?
    • When you visit the Wēpa printing kiosk, you can access your print job by:
      • Swiping your UCSC ID card
      • Login with your CruzID login(
      • Tapping your NFC enabled phone if you have the Wēpa mobile app
      • Entering the release code that was generated when your print job was uploaded
      • Login with your Wēpa account (UCSC visitor)
  • How can I verify if my file has been uploaded to the cloud?
    • When you send a file to print, you will receive a 6-digit release code. This is your confirmation that the file was successfully sent to your print queue. You may view your stored print jobs by logging into the   or   with your CruzID login( and Gold password.
  • Why do I have to enter my login credentials each time I print in the lab?
    • You must log in to access your print jobs stored on the cloud. By logging in, the system also verifies the identity of the account holder.

Mobile Printing

  • What mobile devices does UCSC's campus printing support?
    • Wēpa supports iOS and Android devices. 
  • What file types can I print from my mobile device?
    • The following types are supported on iOS and Android devices: .pdf, .rtf and all Microsoft Office file types.

Tech Support

  • What kind of USB drives are compatible with UCSC Printing?
    • Wēpa kiosks will read USB drives formatted in FAT, FAT32, NTFS or exFAT.
  • What should I do if my job does not print properly?
  • How do I request a refund for a defective print that charged me?
    • To request a refund please email and provide the username associated with your Wēpa account along with the title of the document that you are requesting a refund for.

General Questions

  • How long does a credit/debit card refund take to be processed?
    • Please allow 3-5 business days for transaction refunds to be processed, depending on the financial institution.