Where to Print

UCSC Printing is located in all ITS managed Computer labs and in both Campus Libraries. Below is a list of all print locations and a map. To check the statuses of the printer kiosks use the Wēpa mobile app


Oakes Computer Lab

Oakes College: Learning Center

Room 205

Rachel Carson Computer Lab

Rachel Carson College: Study Center

Room 101

Porter Arts Computer Lab

Porter College: Building D

Room 240

Music Center Computer Lab

Music Center

Room 249

Kresge Computer Lab Coming Soon!
Baskin Engineering Computer Lab

Baskin Engineering

Room 109

Social Sciences 1 Computer Lab

Social Sciences 1

Room 135

Crown Computer Lab

Crown College: Library Building

Room 201

Ming Ong Computer Lab

Ming Ong Computer Lab

(Merrill college)

 Cowell Computer Lab

Cowell Apartments: Building 1

Room 101

 Science & Engineering Library

Science and Engineering Library

2nd Floor

 McHenry Library

McHenry Library

2nd floor & Ground Floor (DSC)