Email Mailing Lists

Self-Service Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are for faculty, staff, and students who wish to send email to a pre-defined list of email accounts. Mailing lists are also used when more than one person is expected to answer email addressed to a single campus organization.

UCSC Mailing Lists can be created on your own using UCSC Google Groups. When creating a self-service (user-managed) mailing list in Google Groups (known as a Group) the email address will include a in the name. If you do not want the -group to be part of your UCSC mailing list email address, fill out this service request before you create the mailing list. 

Creating new mailing lists using Mailman, has temporarily been suspended. All mailing lists should be created in Google Groups.

The Fine Print

The use of mailing lists must be consistent with the university's mission of instruction, research, and public service. It is not acceptable to use a mailing list to pretend to be someone else or represent the university without authorization. Personal use of mailing lists must be limited to incidental personal use only. All use of mailing lists must comply with the provisions of UCSC's Acceptable Use Policy and the UC Electronic Communications Policy.

Important: Confidential and restricted data should not be sent to a mailing list. For example, medical information, credit card numbers, student grades, or social security numbers should never be included in an unencrypted email whether sent to a mailing list or to a single person. For information on practices for protecting electronic restricted data see:

Campus Administrative Email System

The Campuswide Administrative Email System was created to convey urgent and time-sensitive messages, particularly those regarding the health and safety of campus community members. It is also used to send key strategic messages from the Chancellor, Campus Provost, Deans, and Vice Chancellors. More information