UCSC Email Policy & Privacy

Electronic Official Communications Statement: Official UCSC electronic correspondences will be sent to @ucsc.edu email addresses. More information

UC and UCSC Policies

University policy prohibits the sending of harassing email messages or unsolicited email by faculty, staff, and students, and we will take appropriate action in response to violations. Please see the following for additional information and other email-related policies.

Google Email Security

Although Google provides enhanced security features and UC’s contract with Google provides assurances regarding the security and privacy of customer information stored on Google’s systems, keep in mind that EMAIL IS INHERENTLY NOT PRIVATE OR SECURE. This applies to our campus email systems as well as most third-party email providers, including Google.

Highly sensitive information should NEVER be sent through email unless it is protected, e.g. by encryption. This includes attachments. Encryption information

Report a Security Incident