Capital Construction Overview

The campus has been divided into four geographic areas, grouped by each area’s primary network routing hub known as an Area Distribution Facility (ADF) and implemented in four phases A through D. In each area the outside plant fiber will be augmented and non-residential building will have telecommunication closets, inside building wire and network equipment upgrades that support 1GB to the desktop as well as additional wireless service expansion. The highly-anticipated conversion to Voice over IP technology will converge network and voice services over a single wall jack.  

Phase A: 

Provides for a secondary telecommunications hub at the base of the campus for greater service reliability. Facilities served by ADFs at Oakes/College 8 and Porter and Thimann Laboratories. 

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Phase B

Facilities served by Phase B include those buildings that are served by ADFs in Interdisciplinary Science Building, Social Sciences and Communications.

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Phase C

Facilities served by Phase C include those buildings that are served by ADFs in Stevenson, Crown, DARC and the Bookstore.  

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Phase D

Facilities served by Phase D include those buildings that are served by ADFs at the bottom of campus, as well as off campus locations Delaware, Long Marine Labs and Mount Hamilton.

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