Telecommunications Infrastructure Upgrade

Current Activity

The Telecommunications Infrastructure Project- Phase C has begun.  The project is separated into packages- A-D and designated by a project number 9098. 

Package 9098A has been awarded to CenCon Construction and began December 2017.  Package 9098A will concentrate on retrofitting, demolishing and creating new technology rooms (formally known as "telecom rooms") throughout various parts of campus.  The room upgrades are essential for the subsequent packages(9098B-D) to begin. 

Package 9098A-CenCon construction is currently working at Merrill Dining Commons #7185, Theater Arts J #7320, Elena Baskin E #7497, Theater Arts C #7313, Merrill College Faculty Commons #7310, and Stevenson Dining Commons #7144.

Packages 9098B-D will concentrate on new inside and outside cable installation, Wireless Access Point (WAP) upgrades and phone upgrades to Voice over IP.    

Package 9098D has been awarded to Johnson Electronics.  Johnson will begin work in the Arts area starting late January 2018.  This work will include but not limited to the DARC building, Elena Baskin, Theater Arts, etc. For a complete list of buildings, click on the link for the Phase C project.

Package 9098B will serve the Crown and Merrill academic buildings. 

Package 9098C will serve the Cowell and Stevenson academic buildings. 


General Overview

UC Santa Cruz developed a ten-year telecommunications master plan to upgrade the communications infrastructure over the next decade in support of campus instruction, research, and administration. 

The intent of the TIU project is to provide a robust communications infrastructure with greater reliability and less down time, provide higher networking speeds of 1 Gb to the desktop to meet the needs of research initiatives, provide more extensive wireless coverage in recognition of the mobile environment we work and live in, and to converge the voice and data telephone system into voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

The Telecommunications Infrastructure Upgrade Project (TIU) is being implemented through a series of projects grouped in phases by geographic locations and grouped by each area’s primary network routing hub known as an Area Distribution Facility (ADF).  Phases A-D are indicated on the map.  In most areas, the outside plant fiber will be augmented and non-residential buildings will have telecommunication closets, inside building wire and network equipment upgraded.

In order to achieve this upgrade, Information Technology Services (ITS) and Physical Planning and Construction (PP&C) have joined efforts, with PP&C managing the capital construction portion and ITS managing the technology related construction upgrades.

Capital Construction

Overview of Program

There is significant construction required to achieve the goals of the TIU project: Telecommunications closets have to be expanded or created to house the new network equipment and to provide for battery or generator backup power, inside plant cabling has to be installed to replace the old and limited cabling currently in buildings, new outside plant fiber must be installed to provide sufficient connectivity and diverse paths, new interior and exterior wireless access points need to be added, new network switches must be installed in closets and Voice over IP cable telephones have to replace existing phone sets. This work will take place in four construction phases that take place over a period of five years. These four phases represent different campus geographic areas, grouped by each area’s primary network routing hub known as an Area Distribution Facility (ADF). A map of the campus showing the areas being upgraded during each phase can be found here:


If you have questions, please contact:

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