Project Toolkit

Tools, Templates, and Reference Materials

These customized project management resources and templates will assist you throughout the lifecycle of a project. See our General ITS Templates page for non-project-specific templates.

Start a Project


Initial document for proposing a new project. 


Formal project document defining scope, objectives and deliverables. The charter is your project's "contract," defining what you will accomplish, how you'll do it, and when it will be complete. 

Slim Charter

The Slim Charter is a more light-weight chartering option for class 2 and some class 3 projects. Class 4 and 5 projects are not eligible to use the Slim Charter format. For Class 3 projects, please contact PMG before using this form. 

Steering Committee Charter

Formal document template for charging a project steering committee. 

Project Classification Calculator (Risk and Contingency Matrix)

Used to determine project size classification. Also included in the project proposal template.

Manage a Project

Status Report

Standard template for regular status reports to keep project sponsors, teams, and constituents informed. 

Requirements Gathering Overview

This a reference of tools that a business analyst may find useful when gathering requirements for a project.

Requirements Tracking Spreadsheet

Formatted spreadsheet designed to track development features from proposal through release. Includes instructions.

Functional Specification

Template for outlining the functional goals and requirements of a project.

Business Process Map

Template for mapping out the business process associated with a project.

Project Budget

Supplemental Project Charter document for detailing proposed project expenses. This document is available in MS Excel format:

Communication Plan

Simple template used to identify and manage project communication needs. 

Project Change Control Form

Formal project document used to describe and request approval for changes to project scope, time line or resources. 

Work Package Templates

Standard template for defining the scope, resources, and time line for individual work packages within a project. This version is organized by the individual tasks within the work package. This document is available in:

Variations of the standard work package template:

Risk Log

Basic template for identifying and managing project risks. 

Class 4-5 Risk Log

Recommended Template for managing project risks and issues for class 4 and 5 projects. This document is available in:

Issues Log

Basic template for identifying and managing project issues. 

Project Risk Identification Meeting Agenda

Meeting agenda for the project team to identify risks and issues.

Project Review Worksheet

A project review provides an opportunity to step back and evaluate a project that is currently underway, often when a project experiences delays or is otherwise in trouble. The Project Reviews is intended as a mechanism to help the Project Manager identify problem areas and create a plan to address them.

Close a Project

Closure Review

Formal project document used at project close to evaluate and analyze lessons learned. 

Recommendation to Service Team

This template is used as a project closure document. It documents recommendations from the project team to the ongoing service team for future work that needs to be done, but is out of scope for the project. 

Project Failure Sample Meeting Agenda

Reference Materials


Project Management Methodology

More precise definition of a project, a common lexicon used in project management and a framework of activities and artifacts mapped to each project stage and class size. 

Project Lifecycle

Flow chart view of the five phases of a project from project idea to close. This document is available in:

PM Checklist for Large Projects

Project Manager checklist for managing large projects, class 3 and above. This document is available in:

PM Checklist for Small Projects

Project Manager checklist for managing class 1 and 2 projects. This document is available in:

Project Requirements by Classification

Detail of recommended project activities and artifacts based on project class This document is available in:

Project Roles and Responsibilities

Description of typical roles and responsibilities for programs and projects. This document is available in:

Sample Documents

Sample documents from ITS Projects

  • Proposal Sample 1 (PDF)
  • Proposal Sample 2 (PDF)
  • Charter Sample 1 (PDF)
  • Status Report Sample 1 (PDF)