Computer Recommendations

ResNet recommends students prepare to move to campus by updating their tech. Using an up-to-date computer helps you benefit the most from campus networks and stay safe from malware. See below for our recommendations on each operating system.


macOS Windows Linux

Major-Specific Requirements

Some majors recommend more robust hardware and advanced software. Please consult your major's website and advising office for specific requirements.

Purchasing a Computer

The Computer Sales Department at the Bay Tree Bookstore sells computers at a discount to students and staff. We encourage you to visit them if you're looking to upgrade your computer.


Most computer labs and libraries offer printing services. Students can optionally bring a printer to their campus residents. However, please be advised that wireless printing over the network is not supported. For more info, see this FAQ.


All computers, including desktop PCs, must include WiFi support. The current recommended standard is WiFi 6 (AX) or WiFi 6E. For more info, see this FAQ.


Accidents happen, and you may lose or break your computer. We encourage you to perform regular backups to an external hard drive. Additionally, you should back up your computer before performing a software upgrade. Windows includes Backup and Restore, and macOS includes Time Machine to make backups.