Network TV

UCSC residents have access to 63 television channels. How they access this service depends on their location on campus as well as their device. Residential spaces on campus either provide wired access or wireless-only access. For additional information about networking in different locations, visit this page.

Residents in wired locations can access the television service via coaxial ports in their rooms. Residents in wireless-only locations access television service via the ResWiFi network on compatible devices.

Wired Access Locations

Residents in these locations can use the coaxial port on their wall and a compatible TV to access the service. Some additional setup may be required.

  • Cowell: All apartment buildings (1-4)
  • Stevenson: Casas 9 through 11
  • Oakes: Apartment Buildings Khalo, Shabazz, Harvey Milk, Liliuokalani-Minami
  • College 9: Apartments (Including those in residence halls)
  • College 10: Apartments (Including those in residence halls)
  • Crown College
  • Kresge College
  • Rachel Carson College
  • Porter College

Residents in the University Town Center and Merrill College will connect to the Network TV Service by following the Wireless-Only instructions below. However, they will connect through a wired ethernet port.

Wireless-Only Locations

Residents living in these locations will access the TV service via the ResWiFi television service. To do this, residents will run an application that accesses the stream on their device. 

The majority of devices can use Haivision applications to access the streams, while almost all devices have the option to use the open source VLC application. Both options are free. The Haivision applications provide the easiest setup while VLC can provide improved quality at the cost of more difficult setup. For specific instructions on installing the software, see here.

  • Cowell: Turner, Parrington, Beard, Morison, Prescott, Parkman, Adams
  • Stevenson: Casas One through Eight
  • Oakes: Stephen Biko, Hong-Lim, Bayit Elie Wiesel, Casa Dolores Huerta
  • College 9: Hague (RH1), Gandhi (RH2), and Geneva (RH3)
  • College 10: Ohlone (RH4), Amnesty (RH5), and Angela Davis (RH6)

Compatible Wireless Devices

Devices capable of using Haivision applications include:

  • Windows PCs
  • Macs
  • iPhones
  • Android phones and other Android devices (see note below)

Devices capable of using VLC include:

  • All devices listed above
  • Linux Computers
  • AppleTVs
  • Other devices compatible with VLC

Note about Android Devices

Some Android devices cannot access television service because a certain type of network traffic is disabled by the manufacturer in an attempt to save the phone’s battery life. This option is disabled in the operating system of the phone, and it is not feasible to turn this setting back on. These devices can still access other streaming services such as Netflix or HBO. Users that cannot access the service on their phones can still access it on other devices.

Need Help?

ResNet offers support for residents having trouble accessing the service. You can submit an e-ticket with us here for assistance. Our hours and locations are listed here.