Getting Online

Before you start, you will need:

Wireless Access


ResWiFi is available in all residential locations except those listed under Wired Access.

For information on which devices (other than computers, phones, and tablets) can connect onto ResWiFi click here.

Using the device you wish to register, connect to the ResWiFi network.


Password: SlugWiFi

Private Address (on iPhone/iPad): OFF

  1. After connecting, open a web browser and load a non-cached website (like or
  2. You should be redirected to the ResNet authentication page. 
  3. Follow the prompts from the authentication page.
  4. If you are not being redirected or have issues, please call ResNet at (831) 459-4NET (4638).

Family Student Housing (FSH-Family)

FSH-Family is for family members of UCSC students and staff living on campus in Family Student Housing. Students and staff with CruzID Blue credentials should only use the ResWiFi service for campus-related study and work. Smart (i.e. Alexa) and streaming devices (i.e. Roku) should only be connected to ResWiFi.

To connect your device to FSH-Family, select the FSH-Family network from the list presented by your device wireless configuration menu.

FSH-Family uses WPA2-Personal authentication, also known as WPA2-PSK.

SSID: FSH-Family
Password: SlugFamily
Private Address (on iPhone/iPad): OFF

Please note that FSH-Family users do not need to perform additional sign-on via SafeConnect.

Legacy Wired Access

Legacy wired locations require a personally-owned wireless router to get online. After setting up your router, follow the same instructions as ResWiFi to login to ResNet.

The following is a list of locations with wired access ONLY (A router is required):



Dorms Apartments


Lower Quad (Rutherford, Descartes, Gauss, Galileo)


House A-D


House 1-11
  • University Town Center

Wireless routers are not permitted in any location not listed directly above. Residents in legacy wired areas are encouraged to still have computers equipped for wireless access in the case they're relocated for quarantine purposes. ResWiFi may be offered in hallways and lounges as a supplemental service only.


Please refer to the Eduroam webpage for specifics on how to connect your devices.


UCSC-Guest is an open access guest network. For more details on the network please see this page.

Contact Us

ResNet staff are available to assist you. Please view the ResNet Homepage for hours and locations.

(831) 459-4NET (4638)