CruzNet Service

CruzNet is an open access unencrypted wireless network for devices with Internet browsers. Login is not required. CruzNet should not be used for university work involving student records or other sensitive or confidential information. Encrypted wireless network access is available via eduroam or ResWiFi.

After finding CruzNet on your wireless-capable device, proceed to the CruzNet "hotspot login page" (your device may prompt you to open that page in your browser) and click the "Access CruzNet" button to enable CruzNet Wireless network access.

CruzNet services are subject to the same rules and standards that are followed at UCSC. This includes the IT Policies and Guidelines.

Pricing and WAPS Installation

CruzNet is included in the Information User Assessment so there is no additional cost to use this service.

Wireless access points (WAPS) can be installed at a recharge fee that includes parts and labor. 

Service Level Agreement

CruzNet provides internet access to students, faculty, staff and guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More service level information: Wireless Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Get Help

Contact the ITS Support Center for assistance with CruzNet.