Wireless Services

Secure Wireless Service 

eduroam is the encrypted wireless service at UC Santa Cruz that allows students, faculty, staff, and visitors from other participating institutions to connect securely to the Internet.

With eduroam, you get SECURE Internet access not only via UC Santa Cruz's wireless network, but also when visiting other participating universities, colleges, research centers and libraries.

Wireless Service for Residential Halls 

ResWiFi is the encrypted network service offered to UCSC students and staff living on campus in the residential halls. 

Wireless Service for Family Student Housing

Two wireless services are provided for residents in Family Student Housing.

For all faculty, staff and students with an active UCSC Blue account, ResWiFi service is provided as in other residential halls on campus.

For family members or visitors that do not have a UCSC Blue account, the FSH-Family service is provided with limited access to campus resources and full access to the Internet

Unsecure Wireless Service 

UCSC-Guest is an open access unencrypted wireless network for guests requiring temporary access to connect to the Internet while visiting UCSC. UCSC-Guest should not be used for university work involving student records or other sensitive or protected information. UCSC students, faculty, and staff should always use the encrypted and secure wireless network eduroam or ResWiFi.

NOTE: Some campus services (Library electronic services) are only accessible using eduroam.  

WAPS Installation

Wireless access points (WAPS) can be installed at a recharge fee that includes parts and labor.