Zoom Rooms

UCSC has several rooms equipped for using Zoom. Each room is equipped with the data projector, camera, microphones and speakers and/or a speakerphone. All of these facilities are designed to be self-service. If assistance is needed to test, set up and/or originate a Zoom conference, there will be a labor charge based on the amount of time needed for support.

Campus videoconference rooms include:

  • Kerr Hall, Room 61 
  • Communications, Room 143

Arrangements to use Zoom rooms may be available through Google Calendar. If you are not able to schedule the room directly, refer to the designated contact for availability.

DTEN Zoom Devices in General Assignment Classrooms


Kerr 61 and Communications 143 are official ITS Division Operation Centers (DOC). They are utilized by ITS staff to perform the operation of restoring functionality of critical campus systems following a disaster and/or extended service disruption. Be prepared to relocate should the room be needed for this purpose.

Meetings that require Zoom take priority. If your meeting is not including remote attendees, please reserve a different room if possible.

Zoom rooms are self-service rooms. No immediate technical support is provided. See Zoom Help.