Zoom Pro Services

Access Zoom: https://ucsc.zoom.us/

Sign into the Zoom site with your CruzID and Gold password to set up a Zoom Pro account.

Zoom Pro Accounts - Faculty and Staff

Zoom Pro accounts for faculty and staff include unlimited meetings with unlimited minutes for up to 100 participants. Participants do not need a Zoom account.

To attend a Zoom conference simply join and enter the Meeting ID number or click the link in the email invitation.

Zoom Capabilities

  • Security and Privacy protection under the University of California Vendor agreement
  • Host a meeting with any combination of telephone/web (video and or audio)  
  • No reservations required
  • Maximum of 100 participants. A Large Meeting license is needed for more than 100 participants. Contact the ITS Support Center for assistance.
  • Telephone call in option or telephone only meetings. Call in number for Audio is NOT toll free. Long distance fees might apply. 
  • Screen sharing
  • Customizable meeting ID
  • Meeting delegation
  • Calendar integration with Google Calendar
  • Recording
  • Chat

* Quality of the web conference Audio is dependant on the quality of the connecting system as well as internet connection.

Recording and Archiving

Zoom allows you to record and archive your conference calls. 

  • These files can be stored locally on your machine or on your Google Drive for sharing. Be mindful about security and access. Recordings are saved in .mp4 format which is widely used and playable by most systems and players. 

Zoom Pro Cost and Billing

ITS is funding staff and faculty Pro licenses until the funding model is determined. Cost to ITS for each Pro license is $9.99 per year.

Sign Up for Zoom

Zoom Set Up Quick Guide

  • Getting started is quick and easy! Go to ucsc.zoom.us and click SIGN IN.
  • Use your Cruz ID and Gold Password to sign in and a Pro (faculty and staff) account will be created. 

If you already have a Zoom Basic (free account), the system will log you in to this account. You may change to Pro by deleting your Zoom Basic account and then SIGN ON and it will be created as a Pro account (this will change your meeting ID). Otherwise, open an ITR ticket for Zoom and ask for an account upgrade to Zoom Pro. 

How to Use Zoom

To begin or join your Zoom audio or audio/web conference:

  1. Host aka Chairperson or Conference organizer will start by logging in to https://ucsc.zoom.us/signin to start the meeting.
  2. Participants will join meetings by clicking on a link or going to https://ucsc.zoom.us/join and entering the Meeting ID or Meeting Room Name that was provided to them by the meeting Host. They will then get a audio call-in option for a toll call (not a free call) or web audio. Meeting organizer has to set up for call-in option.