Eduroam moves to Gold Password August 11

Next Wednesday on August 11, the campus eduroam wireless service will begin using the UCSC Gold password authentication. That means, you'll access eduroam with your current Gold password instead of your Blue. 

IMPORTANT - On Aug. 11 when connecting to eduroam:

  • Most devices will prompt you to enter your credentials. Use your CruzID and Gold password and you'll be back online quickly. 
  • Some devices might have trouble reconnecting. We've captured helpful information below if you run into any difficulties. 
  • Help is available! Contact the ITS Support Center by opening a support request, emailing, or calling (831) 459-HELP (4357).

Additional Details

  • ResWiFi and UCSC-Guest wireless services are NOT changing. Continue accessing these services as you do now. 
  • The best way to prepare for this change is to know your UCSC Gold password. Knowing how to access your Gold either through a password manager or recalling from memory, will help ensure you can log in quickly and with minimal service disruption. Check your Gold password by visiting the CruzID Manager website
  • If you manage a Sundry-Functional CruzID account, further action is required! Please see more information here

Trouble Connecting to eduroam?

Here are the most common questions and problems. We will update this page as additional tips are identified.

Correctly formatted username?

Resolution: When setting up eduroam service for the first time or establishing reconnection, you have to specify your full username which is your UCSC email address (cruzid@ucsc.eduin the username login field. Even if you have the correct password, your access will fail if the username is not correctly formatted.

Incorrect password?

Your device will prompt you for the username and password or it might attempt to connect on its own without successfully connecting. 

Resolution: Make sure you type in the correct Gold password. Copy/paste may work, but typing the password in the field works best. 

Not prompted for the password?

Resolution: Try connecting to UCSC-Guest and back to eduroam, disabling and re-enabling wireless on the device (waiting 10 minutes may help), restart the device, and if issues persist (still no user/password prompt) run the SecureW2 Onboarding process for your specific device.

Having Certificate-related problems?

Eduroam provides certificate-based server validation which confirms you are indeed connecting to eduroam UCSC network and not someone else's network. A copy of this certificate is installed on your device (for validation) using the SecureW2 onboarding process.

Resolution: Download and run through the SecureW2 Onboarding process to install the certificate.

Can I go through SecureW2 onboarding while off-campus?

Answer: Yes, you *should* be able to onboard through SecureW2 depending on your device. Each device specific OS and version may result in different client behavior. SecureW2 process should prompt you that you are successfully onboarded, however the network is not in range to connect to it - this is OK. When you return to campus, it should work without further action. If not, see above troubleshooting notes or contact the ITS Support Center for assistance. 


We're here to help!

Reach out to ITS by opening a support ticket online, by emailing, or by calling (831) 459-HELP (4357).