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Residential Network Services (ResNet)

UCSC Colleges, Housing and Educational Services partners with Information Technology Services (ITS) to provide Residential Network services (ResNet) in the residential halls, apartments, Family Student Housing, the Village, the Camper Park and the University Town Center in support of the educational mission of UC Santa Cruz.

What is ResNet?

We provide technical and networking support across campus - we assist campus residents with safely connecting to the campus residential network, troubleshooting network or operating system issues, and performing hands-on technical support for student owned devices. We can be contacted via email or over the phone. Some of the services we provide are listed below:

Answer quick technical questions over the phone or via email Assist with connecting devices to campus networks
Troubleshoot Network Connections Enroll gaming devices (i.e Xbox, PS4) on the network
Diagnose and Fix Software Issues Assist with removing copyrighted material after a DMCA violation
Troubleshoot TV Service Scan Computers for Viruses and Malware

Location & Hours

  • Remote and in-person: 10am - 5pm, Monday - Friday, Rachel Carson College ResNet Office
  • Online: For the fastest service, submit an online support ticket (Keyword: ResNet)
  • Call and leave a voicemail: (831) 459-4638 with your CruzID, location, phone number, and a brief summary of your issue.
College Eight ResNet

IN-PERSON SUPPORT: Rachel Carson College ResNet Office


1. Take any loop or city bus going towards the Rachel Carson College bus stop.
2. Proceed to walk towards the Rachel Carson College Dining hall.
3. Before going down the first set of stairs, turn right and head all the way down the hall to Room 258.