ResWiFi Gold Q&A for Continuing Students





Do I have to use these new networks?

Starting on Monday, July 11, you can begin to use ResWiFi-Devices as a beta. On Saturday, July 23, the networks will be fully cutover, and you must connect to ResWiFi or ResWiFi-Devices.

Which of the two networks do I use?

The following will connect to ResWiFi:

  • Computers (Windows, macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS)
  • Smartphones (iPhone and Android)
  • Tablets (iPads)
  • Any other enterprise-ready device

The following will connect to ResWiFi-Devices:

  • Game Consoles (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox)
  • Streaming Devices (Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV)
  • Voice Assistants (Alexa, Google Home)
  • Smart/IoT Devices (smart bulb, robot vacuum)
  • Any other device that cannot connect to ResWiFi

What happened to “SlugWiFi”?

To improve user security, both ResWiFi and ResWiFi-Devices use more secure, individual credentials. Not only does this better encrypt your connection, but this avoids the need to log in from a web browser after connecting.

Do I still need to have the SafeConnect policy key?

No, these new networks no longer require the SafeConnect policy key. However, the internet is still inherently dangerous, and ITS encourages students and staff to run antivirus software. You can find a list of free software for Windows and macOS [here]. All devices on the residential network are still subject to the ResNet Responsible Use Policy.

Uninstalling the SafeConnect policy key


  1. Navigate to Start > Settings (gear icon) > Apps > Apps & Features
  2. Locate SafeConnect in the app list and select Uninstall


  1. Open Finder and select Applications (/Applications)
  2. Double-click Uninstall SafeConnect and confirm the prompt

I live in a building with wired service. Does this affect me?

This change partially affects you if you live in a room with wired service. To check which service you have, check [here]. The standard information applies if you connect to the supplemental ResWiFi service (in hallways/lounges).

All residents will no longer be required to install the SafeConnect policy key. Furthermore, you do not need to enroll any of your devices if connecting directly via an Ethernet port or a personally-owned wireless router.

I live at Family Student Housing. Does this affect me?

This change partially affects you if you live at Family Student Housing (FSH). Students (with a UCSC email) should connect their computers, phones, and tablets to the new ResWiFi. All other devices (including those owned by students’ family members) should continue to use FSH-Family.

Will this impact the speed or coverage of ResWiFi?

This change does not explicitly affect the speed or coverage of ResWiFi. However, since SafeConnect was responsible for many connection drops, we are confident this improves reliability for many students.


I’ve already connected my devices to ResWiFi. Will I have to reconnect?

Yes, since the authentication method is changing, you need to “forget” the old ResWiFi and re-connect to the new networks.

Have the minimum requirements to connect changed?

While the minimum requirements have not changed*, we continue to encourage students to use maintained and updated technology.

For wireless networking, devices should support at minimum WiFi 5 (AC), preferably WiFi 6 (AX) or WiFi 6E.

All devices should use a maintained operating system. As of July 2022, those are:

Operating System

Minimum Version

Recommended Version


Catalina (10.15)

Monterey (12)


10 – Version 21H1

10 – Version 21H2
11 – Version 21H2

Linux (Kernel Version)



iOS and iPadOS




10 (Quince Tart)

12 (Snow Cone)

For more general requirements and specifications, please consult the Computer Recommendation page.

*To connect to ResWiFi, devices must support at minimum WPA2-Enterprise, preferably WPA3-Enterprise. Devices lacking support for this encryption protocol will be unable to connect and may crash upon association. If a device does not meet this requirement, it may be able to use ResWiFi-Devices, which operates on the more common WPA2-Personal protocol.

Do I need to use SecureW2 JoinNow?

While not required, SecureW2 JoinNow simplifies the initial connection process. Just like eduroam, ResWiFi will require a WiFi certificate (CA certificate) to get online. JoinNow is the easiest and most secure tool for installing the certificate.


What’s the password?

An online portal provides a unique WiFi password after completing the self-enrollment process. The password provided is only valid for the device registered.

ResNet helped me enroll my device last year. Do I need to re-enroll?

Yes, you will need to re-enroll your device since the old system was retired. If you need assistance again, please open a new ticket with ResNet.

Should I connect my computer, phone, or tablet to ResWiFi-Devices? Why not?

No, when possible you should attempt to connect computers, phones, and tablets to to ResWiFi. While ResWiFi-Devices is secure, ResWiFi uses the same enterprise-grade security protocol as eduroam. Additionally, some campus resources may be off-limits to ResWiFi-Devices.