Enroll your Console/Smart Device

Before You Begin


  • Game Consoles (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox)
  • Streaming Devices (Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV)
  • Voice Assistants (Alexa, Google Home)
  • Smart/IoT Devices (smart bulb, robot vacuum)

All other devices – including computers, phones, and tablets – should use the more secure ResWiFi network.


  1. Know your CruzID and Gold password.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Responsible Use Policy.
  3. Know your device's MAC address. A MAC address is a unique, 12-digit address used to identify your device to the network. For instructions on finding this, consult our guide.

Enrollment Instructions

To connect, you must enroll your device in the ResWiFi Devices portal. Once registered, the portal will provide you with a unique password to the ResWiFi-Devices wireless network. You must use a computer connected to any campus network (or Campus VPN) to access the ResWiFi Devices portal.

  1. Log in to https://reswifi-devices.ucsc.edu using your CruzID and Gold password.*
  2. Select Enroll a device from the top menu.
  3. Under Device MAC Address, enter the MAC address you found from the device.
  4. Under Device Description, provide the name of the device (e.g., "Tanya's PlayStation 4 Slim").
  5. Click Submit. The portal will direct you to a confirmation page.
  6. Configure your device to connect to the ResWiFi-Devices wireless network using the unique password provided on the page.

*If you are unable to connect on eduroam, ResWiFi, and/or ResWiFi-Devices with your UCSC email and Gold password on any device you may need to reset your Gold password.

Wired Residential Network

Some residential buildings do not offer ResWiFi, or only as a supplemental service in hallways/lounges. To connect in these locations, consult our Wired Access page. Device enrollment is not required in wired locations. Not sure which connection type you have? Check here.

Family Student Housing

FSH does not use ResWiFi-Devices and instead offers FSH-Family. This network does not require enrollment. For the most secure connection, students connecting a computer, phone, or tablet at FSH should connect to ResWiFi. For all other scenarios, including connecting the devices of spouses and children, connect using:

Network Name: FSH-Family

Password: SlugFamily

Getting Help

Need some help? ResNet has dedicated technicians available to assist you! Please email resnet@ucsc.edu, call (831) 459-4638, open a SlugHub ticket, or visit one of our offices.