eduroam Setup for Android, Linux, Blackberry

*Important* this procedure should be done when ON CAMPUS and connected to the campus network. Do not attempt to setup your mobile device or laptop if not on the campus network.

These instructions are for a manual configuration and to accept the new security certificate for an Android, Blackberry, or Linux devices. 


STEP 1: Change your CruzID BLUE password (email password) if you have not changed it since September 2011. Your BLUE password can be reset/changed using CruzID Manager.

STEP 2: Configure your device using these settings:

  • Security: WPA2 Enterprise / 802.1xEAP
  • EAP method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
  • Download CA certificate (If a name is requested, call it UCSC)
  • Identity (username): your full UCSC email address
  • Anonymous Identity: or
  • Password: CruzID Blue Password
  • Depending on the make/model of your mobile device, the system may require you to set a PIN before you store the certificate. 

Get Help

Contact the ITS Support Center for assistance with eduroam.