Jamf Pro


Jamf Pro is a remote management tool used in combination with BigFix to deliver Managed Computer Services to Mac computers receiving Standard Desktop Support.

The Campus Jamf system enables ITS Endpoint Management staff to remotely:

  • Install configuration profiles to ensure secure settings are in place
  • Approve 3rd-party kernel extensions
  • Purchase and install software from the Mac App Store
  • Lock lost or stolen Macs to prevent unauthorized data access
  • Report on hardware and software asset data

Jamf Pro is installed on BigFix-managed Macs running OS X El Capitan 10.11 or higher.

Windows computers are not managed by Jamf Pro.

How to tell if you have Jamf Pro installed

Open System Preferences > Profiles

Look for MDM Profile University of California Santa Cruz - Information Technology
in the list of device profiles. This shows that the UCSC Campus Jamf Pro client is installed.

Divisional Jamf management servers are in use in BSOE, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Contact local IT staff for informatioon about these Jamf Pro systems.

Jamf Pro Self Service

The Jamf Self Service app is available in your /Applications folder and contains offers for software, configuration, and other tasks to manage and support Macs.

Jamf Pro Self Service app icon
Self Service icon
Jamf Self Service App window
Jamf Pro Self Service app window


MDM Profile Approval

To fully benefit from Jamf Mac management, the Mobile Device Management (MDM) Profile must be approved.

Open System Preferences > Profiles

In the Profiles window, highlight the MDM Profile and click the "Approve..." button

MDM Profile window

When asked to confirm, click "Approve"

MDM Profile acceptance dialog

Once you have approved the MDM Profile, you are finished and can exit out of System Preferences.