BigFix is a remote management tool used by ITS to deliver Managed Computer Support services to Windows and Mac computers receiving Standard Desktop Support.

BigFix enables the delivery of updates, patches, security settings, and installation of applications on university-owned computers.  BigFix agent software is installed on managed computers and runs in the background using very little processing power.

The BigFix software enables ITS to remotely:

  • Apply patches and updates that are needed on the managed computer. Patches may be installed whenever they are needed on any day and at any time. Some patches will only be installed under certain conditions such as when no users are logged in. About OS and Application Patching
  • Provide various "offers" that managed computer users can select to perform actions such as software installation, updates, and configuration changes if and when it is convenient. These "offers" are displayed in the BigFix Self-Service App. About Offers

How to tell if you have BigFix installed

Windows: look for the "b" icon in your system tray.

BigFix Tray Icon

Mac: look for the "b" icon in your menu bar.

BigFix Menu Icon

Request BigFix on your computer

If you need to have BigFix installed on a university-owned computer, submit a ticket in SlugHub with the text "Install BigFix" in the Summary/Subject line.


ITS installs BigFix as part of the standard deployment process for Standard Desktop Support. BigFix is not installed on computers in the following units:

  • Arts Division
  • Social Sciences Division
  • PB Sci Academic computers (BigFix is installed on administrative staff computers)

BigFix Messages

A standard message window is sometimes used to send messages to computers regarding computer security, status of actions, and other informational items. BigFix Messages