Restart Requests

After an operating system or application patch/update, your computer may need to be restarted to complete the patch installation.  These updates could be applied by BigFix, Windows Update, or other Auto-Update systems.

When BigFix detects that your computer requires a restart, you will be notified via an Action Request window. This window allows you to accept or delay a restart action by the BigFix software.

A restart request has a deadline of 1-2 days after the action request window is initially shown.  For more critical security patches, the deadline may be 12 or 24 hours.

If a computer has a pending restart action, it will reboot automatically:

  • After a user clicks the "Take Action" button in the Action Request window
  • Before the deadline expires if no users are logged into the computer
  • After the deadline expires
patch For the best patching experience:
Restart your computer at least once per week to allow patches to complete installation.

Some application patches may only be applied if the applications are not running.  Periodically logging out of all accounts and leaving the computer on overnight will allow these patches to install properly.

Action Request Window Options

Click on the "Please Restart Now" Action. If it is the only action in the list, it will automatically be selected.

Take Action
Your computer will restart to allow patch installation.

You can delay the next request to restart your computer by selecting a time option from the popup menu and clicking the "Snooze" button.

restart win


restart mac

NOTE: On the Mac, the default Snooze time is "15 minutes before deadline". If you snooze with this choice, you will only receive one more restart reminder 15 minutes before the deadline expires and the computer restarts automatically.