Log in to Acrobat DC

Acrobat ETLA Subscribers

Adobe Acrobat DC licenses are now activated by logging into Acrobat using your CruzID and Gold password.  Accounts are provided for faculty and staff who subscribe via the Acrobat ETLA annual subscription program.  When you subscribe, ITS assigns a license to a school account and you log in using your CruzID and Gold password. After logging in, Acrobat is fully licensed. You will need to log in every 99 days to refresh the license.

To log in:

  • Open Acrobat DC
  • Go to the Sign In link in the top right corner of the Acrobat window.



    In the menu bar, select Help > Sign In


If you have log in problems, please request help: ITS Software Support


Creative Cloud Subscribers

If you are a Creative Cloud Suite subscriber, Acrobat DC is included in the suite of software.  Use your Adobe ID account (should be your UCSC email address) and Adobe ID password to log in. Logging in activates all Adobe Creative Cloud applications including Acrobat DC.