Software for Faculty/Staff

If you don't see the software you need, please ask ITS Software

Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud

UCSC provides Adobe Creative Cloud to all active faculty, staff and enrolled students.

Software includes Acrobat Pro, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere and much more.

Please visit our Adobe Creative Cloud Service Page for more information.



Apple Computer

Apple computers arrive with built-in apps including iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, Keynote.
For order and support information for Apple Software, click here to [show]


ArcGIS software

ArcGIS & Pro are integrated collections GIS & Mapping software products under site license at UCSC. Annual licenses are available. Software is free for students, faculty and staff.
For access, order and support information for ArcGIS software, click here to [show]

  • The cost of the annual subscription, annual license term: Feb. 1st to January 31st, is paid for by participating departments.
  • Academic use: Teaching, Learning, Sscholarly Research – Personal or sponsored research in which no particular outcome is specified in advance. The student, educator, or society is the primary beneficiary of scholarly research.
  • Administrative use: can include activities such as asset property and facilities management, demographic analysis, routing, campus safety, student recruiting, fund-raising, and accessibility analysis.
  • Not Permitted use: Commercial or profit-generating activities, Consulting – Research or other work carried out and funded by an external entity and involves contracts in which the external entity has identified deliverables in advance. The external entity is the primary beneficiary of Consulting.
  • Contact ITS Software to request ESRI eLearning course access.
  • UCSC Center for Integrated Spatial Research, our campus resource
  • Ordering, installation & activation support: Contact ITS Software
  • ArcGIS is under UC purchasing agreement



EndNote is bibliography management software that integrates with word processors
For purchase information for EndNote, click here to [show]



FileMaker is easy database development for Mac and Windows
For order and support information for FileMaker software, click here to [show]


JMP software

JMP dynamically links statistics with graphics. JMP is free for UCSC students
For download, support & faculty/research purchase info for JMP software, click here to [show]

LabVIEW by National Instruments


NI recently changed its licensing practices and effective May 31, 2023, UCSC has discontinued subscribing to LabVIEW services. LabVIEW is available through the NI website and the campus may be able to purchase at a discount. Contact ITS Software for more information.

Maple by Maplesoft

Maple software

Maple is general-purpose commercial computer algebra software
For order, download & support information for Maple software, click here to [show]

Mathematica by Wolfram

Mathematica software

Mathematica is a computational software program used in scientific, engineering, and mathematical fields and other areas of technical computing

For order and support information for Mathematica software, click here to order from Wolfram for Academic (Faculty) or Personal Use (Students):

Merlin Project 

Merlin Project Wizard

Merlin Project is a project management software for macOS (runs on macOS Big Sur and also M1 Macs natively)
For order information, click here to [show]


Microsoft logo

Microsoft software can be purchased for UC owned systems under educational discount programs. You can order Visio, Project, Windows OS, SQL, and other server software & services under Select Plus perpetual licensing or annual subscriptions under CASA.
For order and support information for Microsoft software, click here to   [show]

  • Staff & Faculty: Order for a UC computer by contacting ITS Software
  • UC participates in CASA, an annual subscription program.
  • Staff/Faculty have two options for Office software on personally owned computers.
    • Office 365 is free to active faculty and staff for install on up to 5 devices, see: Microsoft Service Page
    • The Microsoft Home Use Program has been replaced by the Microsoft Workplace Discount Program. At this time, the link to this program is not working.
  • UC owned computer installation support: BigFix and Quick Support remote installation is available
  • Microsoft is sold under a UCOP purchasing agreement

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Azure Dev Tools

Formally Imagine/Dreamspark.... Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is a Microsoft Program that supports technical education by providing access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes.

  • Students, faculty and staff can access MS Imagine Standard software free to teach, develop, support, conduct, or take courses, labs, or programs offered at UCSC. Use must be non-commercial.
  • Go to Azure Dev Tools for Education to register and validate your UCSC affiliation.
  • Baskin School of Engineering Students can register for MS Imagine Premium here



OmniGraffle is a diagramming application for Mac OS X
For order information for OmniGraffle software, click here to [show]

On The Hub

On The Hub software re-seller

On The Hub is an online re-seller of software for your personal computer. Software is sold under educational discounts.
For purchase information for On The Hub sales, click here to [show]

  • Click the Faculty/Staff tab, and register with your to order from  On The Hub
  • Powered by Kivuto


Oracle software

Oracle is database, enterprise application and system software in use at UCSC
For order and support information for Oracle software, click here to [show]

Parallels Desktop for Mac

Paralleles Desktop for Mac

Software providing hardware virtualization for Mac computers with Intel processors. This software is purchased as an annual subscription.
For order and support information for Parallels Desktop for Mac, click here to [show]

R - Statistics


R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics
For download information for R, click here to [show]

Red Hat Linux

RedHat Linux

Red Hat is a Linux Operating System with upgrade and patch support
For Redhat order information, click here to [show]


SAS software

SAS tools provide traditional statistical analysis of variance and predictive modeling to exact methods and statistical visualization techniques
For order and support information for SAS software, click here to [show]

SFTP - Secure File Transfer


SFTP clients are free and used to provide network file access, file transfer, and file management functionality over any reliable data stream.
For download and support information about SFTP, click here to [show]


Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell is a network protocol used on the UCSC area networks to manage systems and applications remotely, execute commands and move files from one computer to another.

For download and support information:

  • Download free Windows PuTTY client
  • Mac, use Terminal Server, found in your Utilities folder
  • Software installation support: Contact ITS Software

 SentinelOne Anti-Malware


SentinelOne is anti-malware software managed by ITS for UC-owned computers
(not for student use, student anti-virus options)
For download & support information for SentinelOne anti-malware, click here to [show]

    • SentinelOne Service Page with downloads and service and support information
    • Personally-owned Windows 10, 8, please use the built-in Windows Defender/AV 

    For users affiliated with the Baskin School Of Engineering, Humanities, or Social Sciences, please contact your Divisional ITS Staff to get the correct SentinelOne client.

    Please NOTE: The SentinelOne Mac agent will not install or work correctly on Mac OS X 10.14 or lower. If you have a Mac running Mac OS X 10.14 or lower, contact the ITS Support Center

Sophos Anti-Virus

Sophos anti virus software

Sophos is no longer in use on UC computers. Please use SentinelOne anti malware.

SPSS Software

SPSS Software

SPSS is a statistical analysis software program. SPSS is used to generate tabulated reports, charts, and plots of distributions and trends, descriptive statistics, and complex statistical analysis. UCSC has a site license for SPSS through 2018. Faculty and staff access  here and students access  here
For more information, click here to [show]



Symantec sells computer security and imaging software for PC
To purchase software or for more information about Symantec, click here to [show]


Tableau software

Tableau is interactive data visualization software. Tableau is powerful, secure, and a flexible end-to-end analytics platform for your data.  Tableau is under a UCOP price discount agreement
For more information, click here to [show]


VMware software

Run multiple operating systems at the same time on a single computer using virtualization. Fusion for Mac or Workstation for Windows.
For purchase or support information for VMware, click here to [show]