Windows XP Retirement

Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP as of April 8, 2014. This means that it will no longer receive security updates and would pose a significant risk with continued use.

To see what operating system you are using, go to the Start menu in the bottom left corner. Right-click on "Computer" and select "Properties". It will either say "Microsoft Windows XP" or "Windows 7 Professional". If it says "XP", your computer will need to be upgraded.

Support retirement means that desktop support staff will no longer install or troubleshoot issues related to this software. Instead, ITS will provide assistance with updating to a supported operating system.

To update your operating system, you must order a license from CruzBuy or the ITS Software Order Form. Then open a ticket or email for installation help.

Microsoft's current operating systems include:

  • Windows 7 (recommended by ITS)
  • Windows 8

UCSC Computer Standards for Windows

What do I do if I have a computer with XP?

  1. Open a ticket to be upgraded. A license for Windows 7 will also need to be purchased (unless your dept. is under MCCA).
  2. Depending on your PC, it may be able to support the upgraded operating system. A Support Center technician will evaluate your computer for this. Users can also self-check here: Microsoft Upgrade Advisor.
  3. If it's not compatible, then either a new PC or memory/hard drive should be purchased. ITS will help in recommending and installing any purchases.

Note: Home computers that connect to the campus network should also be upgraded to Windows 7 to adhere to the UC Minimum Security Standard. All connected computers must be receiving current updates and XP does not anymore.