Mac OS Upgrade Info

You can check what version operating system you currently have by clicking the Apple menu in the top left corner and choosing “About this Mac”.

Catalina Pic

If your macOS is 10.12 or older, you should upgrade.

There are two ways to upgrade your Mac’s operating system:

1) Put in a ticket for ITS to schedule an appointment

2) Download and install it yourself through the Apple App Store

    • may take several hours depending on network speed
    • any errors during install may be irreversible and cause loss of data

ITS strongly recommends you put in a ticket to help with your upgrade.

When you put in a ticket for assistance, a tech will contact you to arrange a good time to do the work. They will offer a loaner computer, if needed and will return your computer in an agreed upon length of time. Depending on the amount of data, this can be from 4 hours to the next day. They will:

  • make a backup of your data and verify it
  • check the software and hardware to make sure it’s compatible with the new system
  • suggest needed memory and/or hard drive upgrades if needed

If you are doing the upgrade yourself, please follow these critical steps:

  • Backup your data (**IMPORTANT**)

  • Check your software to make sure it compatible with the upgrade

  • Check your hardware to make sure it can run the upgrade

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