Software Retirement Items

Standard software that has been or is slated for support retirement

Support retirement means that desktop support staff will assist in upgrading software that is no longer supported by its vendor. Exceptions to this will be for business reasons only.

Software Description End of support date
Office 2011 Word, Excel & Powerpoint Late 2017
Mac OS 10.9 Operating System Late 2016
Mac OS 10.8 Operating System Late 2016
Acrobat X Document Mgmt system Spring 2016
Office 2007 Win Word, Excel & Powerpoint Spring 2016
IE 10, 9, 8, 7 Web browser January 2016
Mac OS 10.7 Operating system Late 2015
Mac OS 10.6 Operating system Summer 2015
Mac OS 10.5 Operating system Spring 2014
Mac OS 10.4 Operating system  Spring 2014
Windows XP Operating system Spring 2014
Office 2008 Mac Word, Excel & Powerpoint Fall 2013
Office 2003 Win Word, Excel & Powerpoint Summer 2013

Please review the 10.4/10.5 retirement page for more information.

Please review the 10.6 retirement page for more information.

Please review the XP retirement page for more infomation.